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5 Ways to Tie / Wear a Scarf Easily

Any time of the year, the scarf is necessary for any wardrobe. Scarfs bring color and fashion to any outfit and help keep you warm.

What can you do to make sure they look chic and classic? Here's how to tie the scarf. With these simple steps, you'll be able to bring some class to your outfits with proper wearing of scarves without investing a lot of time. Below are some easy ways to wear and tie the perfect scarf.

Let's get started!

Ways to wear / tie scarves

Make a bow using the scarf.

Wrap your scarf around your neck make a knot loose close to your collarbone. In the same way like you do with shoelaces and connect the edges of your scarf in a large frilly bow. Make sure that the bow is adjusted to lay it in the way you prefer, and then shift it to position it or off to either the left or right in the front. The scarf-bow is now finished!

Make a scarf-braid

Start by folding the scarf in half, so it has a loop at one end and its tail endings on the opposite side; wrap it around your neck, making sure the ends and loop are equal. Take either of your tails (not the other) into the loop. Then spin the loop at a 180-degree angle and then pull the other tail into the loop. Then, twist the loop under the second tail again 180 degrees and repeat the process until both tail ends aren't long enough for braiding.

Tie your scarf in a bandana style

This knot style is best suited to square scarves made from silk, but it is also possible on other scarves. Lay the scarf flat, and then fold it into a diagonal to create an equilateral triangle. Set the scarf in a position where the triangle is on your front and covers your chest. Then you wrap the two ends of the triangle around the back of your neck, and return to the front, and tie them in the form of a knot. Tie the knotted ends of the knot underneath your triangle, and you're done.

Use your scarf as the shawl.

If you have an exquisite pashmina or large, wide scarf with an attractive pattern, you can try making it an oversized Shawl. Unfold the scarf to make it flat and wrap it around your shoulders and back to ensure that the entire design is visible. Wrap the end of the scarf over your shoulders; then, you can pull at the fabric slightly to loosen it. It is possible to turn the style around to make the ends wrapped around your shoulders should you wish. However, this will not leave the drape as lovely as the steps in the beginning suggest.

Create a sliding knot.

Another great style with an extended scarf is to tie the knot in a sliding fashion that is simple and a stylish option to tie your scarf. Wrap the wrap around the neck so that both ends hang evenly across your body. On one side of your scarf, knot a knot around itself; however, leave it slightly loose. Take the second tail into the middle of this knot then you're finished! Move the knot across and down until you place it in the desired place.

The Final Thoughts

This article has hopefully given you a basic understanding of how to tie the scarf. It's not that difficult, and the most appealing part is that you can do it in various ways based on your attire or personal preference!

There are numerous methods to tie your scarf. There are plenty of scarfs available on our site that might meet your requirements.

If you have any additional ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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Sara Mohammed
Sara Mohammed
Jan 25, 2022

this is really helpful👍

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